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The Copenhagen Interpretation of

The Broad Cloth

Step into The Broad Cloth, an enchanting storytelling journey that weaves communities together. Through theatre, art, craft, music, community gathering and the sharing of local wisdom, we bring to life a fictional island, shaping it with our imagination and collective creativity.


This island becomes a reflection of your unique community, crafted through guided processes that invite everyone to participate. The Broad Cloth is designed to give you autonomy over the manner and extent to which you get involved, as well as over your personal access support needs: we want this to be a comfortable experience.


We're bringing The Broad Cloth to islands along the British and Nordic coasts, and you can engage with the whole thing in person and/or remotely. It's a fantastic way to celebrate each unique place while weaving them all together into something truly special.


Join us in this one-of-a-kind adventure that celebrates the magic of island communities and their ways. Click here to start reading about the fictional world, or use the links below for more info about how our flexible, accessible participation process works, and how to get involved online and/or in person.

The Broad Cloth R&D in October 2023 in collaboration with Ventnor Exchange on the Isle of Wight is co-produced by The Copenhagen Interpretation and The Field Station and is supported by Farnham Maltings as part of their new popular scheme.

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